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McClung leads EPT San Remo by a million chips

Canadian leads EPT San Remo by more than a million chips Chris McClung of Canada remains in the lead heading into the fifth day of the EPT San Remo event, which began with 837 competitors and is now down to a mere 24. At stake is the first-place prize money, which totals €800K. With more than 1.1 million chips over the second-place contender, it seems a safe bet to assume McClung will take the competition unless things stop going his way – which hasn’t been the case so far.

The major boost to McClung’s stack during day four play came when he sent Joseph Cheong home, a move that saw the Canadian gain a massive 2.5 million pot. He is now set to put his dominating lead to good use as soon as the game resumes. The next round will cut the field of competition from 24 players down to 8.

Fellow Canadian player Mike McDonald survived day four, but given his less-than-impressive stack going into day five, he is in real danger of being eliminated early on.

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