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Complete and concise history of poker

The exact origins of poker are unknown. Historians who specialise in gaming have traced the origins of modern poker to several games played in Europe as early as the fifteenth century. A game called Pochspiel, played in Germany, is the earliest disputed ancestor of modern poker, though other experts believe the game originated from the French poque or brelan, or the Persian game called as nas.

However, other specialists reject such comparisons, as the main feature of poker is the gambling aspect of the game, which has no direct relations to these card games of the past. This leads to the claim that poker originated in the middle of the 1700s in the United States and links the game to the invention and implementation of commercial gambling.

The history of poker, while only a few hundred years long, is complex and difficult to pin down exactly, and the game was not always as popular as it is today. Poker didn’t become the sensation it is today until around 1970 when modern versions of tournaments became popular and the World Series of Poker (WSOP) was created. This led to some of the most influential and famous poker strategy books appearing in bookstores over the next several years, and poker gambling continued to spread across the U.S. to Canada, and eventually to the world.

With the advent of online poker around 1998, the game experienced yet another significant surge of popularity, as people could participate in poker games, poker tournaments, or easily practice poker without having to the leave the house. Poker continues to gain new fans every year thanks to televised poker tournaments and poker stars gaining more and more attention and celebrity. There’s no doubt that poker will continue this upward trend for many years to come.

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