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How does your love for poker rank in Canada?

In 2009, gambling in Canada amounted to an astonishing $13.75 billion dollars in net revenue, which was more or less the same as the year before. While statistics aren’t yet known for the year 2010, it’s safe to say that Canadians’ love for gambling and online poker has not diminished despite the poor economy!

What’s even more surprising, however, is just how popular gambling has become in Canadian households. For example, it was reported that in homes with a total income of $80,000 or higher, more than three out of every four of those homes housed at least one gambler. On average, households in this income bracket expended a total of $555 on gambling in the year 2008. This average varied widely from province to province, with Saskatchewan coming in first place with an average of $720, and Quebec coming in last with $390.

Gambling continues to be a form of entertainment that Canadians find worth their time, energy, and income. Poker fans in particular aren’t giving up their game of choice any time soon, so even though money might be tight, there’s no harm in continuing to play poker responsibly!

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