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Basic info on how to play poker online

One of the first things Canadian poker players need to lean is how to play poker online. There are many different sites where it’s legal to play online poker and once you have chosen the right site, it will be time to brush up on exactly how to play poker well. The best places to play for gamers living in Canada are going to be Party Poker, 888 Poker, or bwin poker.

The basics of online poker are very similar to live poker. Canadian poker players who have had experience playing in either home games or in a casino will have some familiarity with the games that are available. The main difference is that you will not have the same type of information that you have when you play live poker. Certain things, such as live tells, are not possible when playing online.

The benefit to playing online poker is that it is convenient and you have the ability to multitable, or play multiple tables simultaneously. Playing more than one table at a time is only possible when you learn how to play poker online. Essentially you are increasing the amount of hands you see. In a casino or home game you are dealt one hand and then have to wait until that hand is over to play again. When you play online poker at Party Poker, 888 Poker, or bwin Poker, you can have many tables running at the exact same time.

The correct strategy will depend on the game you are playing. Some people recommend tight play when playing No Limit Hold Em. This is correct if you are playing against loose, aggressive players. If you were in a very tight game, it would of course be correct to play loose. The correct info about how to play online poker is going to depend on your opponents, the particular game, and the relative stakes.

Once you learn the basics of how to play online poker you should be ready to multitable at any of the sites recommended here. These are great online poker sites for Canadian poker players. They have some wonderful deposit bonuses as well as a wide variety of stakes. These sites also have low limit games that are great for the new players.

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