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Looking forward to the November Nine!

Many people may not remember the story behind the origin of the November Nine. The nine players who qualify to participate in the final event of the World Series of Poker have been called the November Nine since 2008, when the event sponsor and the broadcast networks in charge decided it would make for better entertainment if the final event were postponed to November despite most of the WSOP events being held over the summer months. This delay allows for equal coverage of all players involved, as the winner is not known in advance of the game’s broadcast. This increases fans’ interest in the game and allows more people to get excited to see what’s going to happen.

In 2010, Canadians have even more interest in the main event than usual, as there are two Canadian poker stars in the November Nine this year. Jonathan Duhamel, who is currently the biggest chip holder, and Matt Jarvis, currently in fifth, are both originally from Canada and proud to represent their country in the tournament. No Canadian has won the WSOP final event yet, but this year that could all change. This year, out of 7,319 participants and with a total prize pool of almost $69 million, two Canadian players will be walking away from the WSOP main event with no less than $811,823 apiece. Be sure to tune in on November 6 to see how these Canadian poker stars fare!

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