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Online poker players can skip Europe and still win

Online poker players, including Canadian stars like Daniel Negreanu, Mike McDonald, and Xian Liu, are heading to Europe in droves to participate in major tournaments. However, with this year’s WSOPE being held in Cannes, France, instead of London, players who want to hit both EPT and WSOP events have to factor in additional travel costs. Many online poker players simply aren’t able to keep up with the additional expenses required to participate. Online poker players have a lot on their plates right now – like cash tied up with shutdown sites like Full Tilt Poker – that make coming up with funds harder than ever.

“Players need to take advantage of online options to get a spot in a major tournament,” explained bóng đá trực tiếp www.veteransforpeacesonoma.net spokesperson Paul Ryan. “It’s expensive for Canadians to go to Europe, so satellite events offering travel packages are one way to get there. But a safer bet would be to play online poker tournaments that don’t require travel.”

888 Poker is a top destination for Canadian players, Ryan elaborated. “Here’s a site where players can be right in the action without investing thousands of dollars in hotels and plane tickets. There’re even freeroll tournaments so Canadians who can’t afford big buy-ins can still play for real money just like their idols are doing right now in Europe.”

Party Poker has a great opportunity on offer as well, Ryan added, worth up to $3 million in prizes. “It’s stuff like this that makes online poker so accessible no matter your financial circumstances. This is how we can keep enjoying the game even when our responsibilities make it impossible to head overseas to play.”

“With sites like 888 bringing the thrill and potential profit of big tournaments directly to our homes, competitors begin on equal footing where nothing but skill matters – not the economy, not our ability to pay for travel. Those things don’t dictate our chances to play and win,” said Ryan. “And that’s the beauty of online poker.”

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