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Zynga announces interest in online poker for real money

Zynga, the company behind the largest poker community on the internet, has expressed interest in the possibility of entering into the world of online poker for real money if and when it’s a legal option in the United States. Currently, Zynga offers poker to players who play for fun only – not for cash – an approach that has won the company seven million participants per day and a total of thirty million participants each month. While plenty of people who currently play online poker for fun may not have any interest in expanding that activity to include playing for real money, there’s a good chance that Zynga could make the transition very smoothly given their player base.

Expressing interest is merely the most preliminary of steps towards realizing such a big transition, of course. Zynga will still have to wait for online poker legislation to be straightened out, which may take years. Then they would likely need to partner with another company with experience in real-money online poker, as well as obtain the required licenses and maneuver their way through plenty of red tape before any dreams of playing online poker for real money will come true.

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bóng đá trực tiếp