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How does your love for poker rank in Canada?

In 2009, gambling in Canada amounted to an astonishing $13.75 billion dollars in net revenue, which was more or less the same as the year before. While statistics aren’t yet known for the year 2010, it’s safe to say that Canadians’ love for gambling and online poker has not diminished despite the poor economy!

What’s even more surprising, however, is just how popular gambling has become in Canadian households. For example, it was reported that in homes with a total income of $80,000 or higher, more than three out of every four of those homes housed at least one gambler. On average, households in this income bracket expended a total of $555 on gambling in the year 2008. This average varied widely from province to province, with Saskatchewan coming in first place with an average of $720, and Quebec coming in last with $390.

Gambling continues to be a form of entertainment that Canadians find worth their time, energy, and income. Poker fans in particular aren’t giving up their game of choice any time soon, so even though money might be tight, there’s no harm in continuing to play poker responsibly!

Canadian Poker Tour

For poker players in Canada who aren’t interested (or unable) to go abroad to enjoy their favourite pastime, the Canadian Poker Tour could be the answer to your desire to play in a live poker tournament. Poker is as much a part of Canada as anywhere else, and there’s no need to take your skill abroad if you don’t want to. Take part in the Canadian poker scene with fellow poker players interested in competing in a friendly tournament.

In order to participate, interested players need only become a Canadian Poker Tour member by paying a small fee and then getting down to the business of collecting enough points by competing well in local poker events in order to qualify for the national championship tournament and to be put in the running for winning an array of prizes.

The top one hundred players with the most points will go on to compete against one another, with the winner being crowned Captain and given a sponsorship contract that will allow him or her to travel all across Canada for free in order to play poker. This is a dream come true for many Canadian poker fans who would love the chance to be a sponsored poker player but don’t want to be too far from home.

How to be a courteous poker player

For poker players in Canada who live too far from the big casinos in Ontario, it’s easy to never encounter a real live poker game unless you intentionally go out of your way to find one. For this reason, a lot of Canadians might make a bad impression on fellow live players if and when they finally have a chance to participate in a game in person. In order to avoid unintentionally angering or offending fellow players and to keep the world thinking highly of Canadian manners, it’s important to keep several points in mind when you move from poker online to poker in real life.

First, never ever ask a player if you can see his or her losing hand. While it’s permissible and often expected to ask to see a hand that is called on the river, it’s important to remember that this is to ensure players don’t work together in order to win. Asking to see a hand any other time is akin to accusing a competitor of cheating, which is definitely a way to make the wrong impression. Moreover, to request to see someone’s losing hand is potentially embarrassing, as it would reveal any mistakes that he or she may have made, which is not a friendly or sportsmanlike move either.

One thing many Canadian online poker players may struggle with is not apologizing. We in Canada pride ourselves on having good manners, but it’s important to remember that if you win, there’s no need to say you’re sorry to those who lost – the aim of the game is to be the winner, so don’t feel the need to apologize for doing what everyone else was also trying to do! It’s insincere to pretend you wanted them to win instead of you, so be polite and gracious without the apologies.

Another point friendly Canadians might struggle with is not offering to shake someone’s hand if you’ve just knocked him or her out of a cash game. As the one who was eliminated, it’s up to him or her to shake your hand, not the other way around, so don’t be too eager to be friendly either. You just eliminated the guy, so if he doesn’t want to shake your hand that’s his right, and by holding your hand out first you make him look like the jerk for not taking it. That’s just not nice.

These are the biggest mistakes Canadian online poker players tend to make when they transition to live poker games. Be careful and mindful of your fellow players and try to think of things from their perspective before making a move.

What is bonus Poker used for?

Poker is one of the most accessible and familiar games in the world, so a beginner has multiple ways to obtain information and tips related to the game, in addition to simulations, Television shows, media articles, guides and clips of video-poker.One thing to pay attention to in poker is the bonuses.Everyone can play poker, but not everyone knows how to do it right. Every beginning is accompanied by a learning curve, which includes mistakes that one can learn from.They say that you pay for mistakes, and that holds true especially for gambling.That’s why its important to know what a bonus poker is and how to use it wisely.There are a couple of types:1. Registration bonus – a very generous bonus offered to new players in order to attract them to the site. It’s usually distributed in small amounts each time you make a deposit.2. VIP bonus – a bonus offered to players who deposit unusually large amounts.3. Bonus without a deposit – a free bonus for new players which is given in order to attract them to experience the casino games. Bonus amounts are usually small.4. Monthly Bonus – upon depositing money the casino will show its appreciation by giving a bonus.5. Referral bonus – any friend that you bring to the site will entitle you to a bonus.Please note that some bonuses are fluid – they can be cashed in after meeting certain conditions, while other are only for use at the casino.My recommendation for beginners is to find a site which offers a bonus without a deposit – that way you can experience the game and accumulate knowledge, and only then you should look for a site offering the best bonus when you are ready to put it some money.

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