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Poker is an intellectual and scientific game

With the increase in popularity in online poker, more and more people are realizing just how good they are at poker, even if they never had the chance to play the game before. One type of person who seems to be especially suited to the game are theoretical physicists – people like Albert Einstein, in fact – who are masters of complex calculations and have the patience to crunch the numbers needed in order to make sound decisions when playing a game of online poker.

The thing that physicists seem to be particularly good at, aside from calculating the odds of any given hand, is avoiding tilt. Tilt is the world assigned to the phenomenon that occurs when poker players lose their cool. They may lose their patience, let their frustration overcome them, or simply become too eager to get to the good part of the game. Physicists, who are highly trained in remaining focused on long, complex equations and problems, seem to have a higher tolerance for this sort of stress that is so common in a game of poker.

A great example of a physicist playing poker well is Michael Binger, who won about four million dollars at the WSOP main event back in 2006. He got his PhD in physics from Stanford University and uses some of those skills as a part-time pro poker player and even more skills as a full-time physicist. So if there are some Canadian poker enthusiasts out there looking for a way to not only improve their poker game but also have at shot at being the next Einstein, look into a career in physics!

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