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Seven Card Stud tips for beginners

As we’ve noted time and time again, Texas Hold’em is the modern Canadian poker player’s game of choice rather than the old standby of Seven Card Stud. While poker evolves like everything else in order to remain appealing to new generations of fans across the world, it would be a shame is Seven Card Stud were to disappear altogether as new players fail to realize what a great game it still is.

To keep Seven Card Stud alive and expand your arsenal of poker skills – which will strengthen your poker game no matter what variety you’re playing – take the time to familiarize yourself with the game. There are really only five key points to keep in mind as you tackle this classic poker game.

First, just like in Texas Hold’em, be picky and selective when deciding which hands are worth playing. If your starting hand isn’t great, it’s probably time to fold. Play tight if you want to win.

Second, pay attention! What are your opponents up to? What are their individual tendencies when it comes to playing the game? Observe and use the clues you pick up on to your advantage as the game progresses.

Third, avoid calling. If your hand is good enough to play, you should be raising anyway! If not, fold.

Fourth, don’t forget about the up cards. Remember to periodically check what your competition has and see what cards are still live.

Finally, remember that if you bet on the come in Seven Card Stud, the game is more likely to go in your favour. When your strong cards are down, no one else knows what you’re planning or that you’re strong competition, so use this to your advantage!

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