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Shooter Poker Review

Shooter Poker

Shooter Poker

To access the online poker site of Shooter Poker, you must first either sign up, download the software or continue playing at BookMaker – don’t be alarmed that you are now playing with BookMaker as opposed to Shootout Poker as the site has obviously changed quite dramatically. BookMaker is a flashy yet cool site with shiny silver writing and the promises of excellent deposit bonuses – like 10% cash back for Gold VIP members all the way to 25% for Diamond members – and entry to extremely high pay out tourneys. In these tourneys it is possible to win the likes of $1,500, $2,500 and even $5,000, and some of them even boast such jackpots as $15,000 guaranteed every single week! They also have little added extras, like Fight Club – their bounty tourney offering $300, with the last man standing winning the entire prize pool. Already a knockout in the rest of the world, this online poker site is taking on Canada.

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