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SmoothCallPoker Review



On the SmoothCallPoker homepage sit 4 poker players, staring intently at their cards (or each other) sipping whiskey and sucking on cigars – what better way to tempt an online poker fan to play poker here? This online poker site also teaches you how to play poker to SmoothCallPoker’s own high standards for free, and as well as offering you a 100% cash match welcome bonus – instantly doubling your first deposit – they also give you the chance to create your very own Avatar! This isn’t the first site to offer this, however few have gone to as much trouble to allow their customers to customize their Avatar – you can pick face, body shape, clothing, hair, eyes, even make up, so your Avatar can look like you down to the last hair on your beard! With bonus features like this and many more waiting for you at SmoothCallPoker, it’s easy to see why this is forever rising in popularity in Canada.

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