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Texas Hold’em poker rules

In Canada and the rest of the world, Texas Hold’em is the dominant variety of poker. It’s the poker game you probably see on TV, it’s the poker game most casinos tend to specialize in, and it’s the poker game Canadians should be most familiar with! Here is a simplified list of rules to give you a good overview of this popular variety of poker so that you can follow what’s going on.

  1. The dealer shuffles and the two players on his or her left, known as the blinds, put in a pre-determined quantity of money. Usually the first player to the left puts in the minimum bet, the second player puts in half of that. If the dealer isn’t playing, such as in poker tournaments or at casinos, a small button symbolizing the dealer is rotated among the players so everyone is a blind in turn.
  2. Each player receives the hole cards, which are just two cards dealt face down to each poker player at the table.
  3. The first round of betting begins with the person sitting on the left of the two blinds. On his or her turn, each player can choose one of three options: to call, to raise, or to fold.
  4. The dealer reveals the flop — three community cards dealt face up — and the second round of betting commences beginning with the poker player seated on the dealer’s left. There are now four choices: call, raise, fold, or check.
  5. The dealer reveals the turn or fourth street – community card number four – and a round of betting begins for the third time.
  6. Finally, the dealer reveals the river, also known as the fifth street – the fifth community card – and the fourth round of betting begins. After the round is complete, all players must reveal their hands, and the winner is whoever has the best hand at the poker table.

When written out so concisely, the game seems incredibly simple, and that’s the beauty of Texas Hold’em poker. With these simple rules, it’s possible to create a game that is fun for beginners and pros alike. Of course things can become quite complex, but no matter your skill level, there’s plenty of opportunity for excitement and entertainment. Whether you’re playing a game of poker with friends at home, a game of online poker, or if you’re in Ontario near one of the big Canadian casinos and want to play a game of poker there, after reading this you should be good to go.

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