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Canadian poker pro files complaint against Ultimate Bet

Ultimate Bet is in the news this week after eight pro online poker players filed an official complaint against the site. The players, including Canadian Brad Booth, claim that the site cheated by spying on their hole cards during games with high stakes. According to the official court papers, the players also claim that the site took about $20 million in total through such unfair methods.

As most online poker fans know, Ultimate Bet was embroiled in a cheating scandal several years ago and it was proven that there were indeed dishonest actions taking place. Who was to blame remained unclear, as the then-owners of Ultimate Bet claimed the particular part of their software that allowed for the spying on hole cards was created and applied before Excapsa – the owners of the site in 2008 – had purchased rights to the site.

One thing was clear, however – many online poker players felt they had been cheated out of millions of dollars. Eight players in particular, as shown in the claim filed this week, say that Ultimate Bet cheated them out of two million dollars. Brad Booth says he was cheated out of half a million personally.

This complaint declares that Ultimate Bet was in violation of the RICO Act, a very serious accusation that could, if the site is found guilty of the charges, see the eight online poker players awarded triple their losses as payment.

Whether Ultimate Bet and its owners will finally be held accountable for these losses remains to be seen.

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