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Where to play online poker in Canada

Where to play online poker is a contentious issue these days. Now more than ever, online poker players need to take their safety into their own hands rather than just throwing caution to the wind and hoping for the best. Ever since major online poker sites Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker / Ultimate Bet, and PokerStars were shut down by the American government in 2011, players around the world were forced to come to terms with reality – even huge sites aren’t a sure thing. Where to play online poker should not be determined by the size of the site, but rather by the reputation and stability of the company behind the site.

Now that so many American players are banned from competing on online poker sites, Canadian players face the issue of less during our peak play times, which tend to be in the evenings. Without the American online poker players in the game, Canadians are now coming up against more European players, who obviously tend to play at very different times than players this side of the Atlantic.

For Canadian players looking where to play online poker, and who have these particular concerns in mind, we first and foremost recommend checking out 888 Poker. Canadian players have always had VIP treatment at 888, as Americans have been banned from the site since 2006 in order to strictly comply with federal regulations.

Another great site where many Canada-based players choose to go is Party Poker. This site has always been popular for years, and also values Canadian players. While the platform may not be as spectacular as 888’s, it’s still a great poker destination.

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